Thank you for your interest in Sagewood Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. We have been raising/training/showing/breeding champion quality, sound, working Tollers on a limited basis since 1989. We are members of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA) and participate in regional and national events. 
Litters are carefully planned and puppies are sold on a limited basis to screened homes. Breeding dogs are champion quality, certified clear of hereditary eye disease (CERF), hip dysplasia (OFA) examined/certified clear of cardiac defects (OFA) and are regularly screened for thyroid disease (OFA) in addition to a variety of DNA tests.

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Champion and working Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers since 1989.
The Sagewood "U" litter (2018)
Sire: CH Lennoxlove Susqudenali Roanedn RI JH CGC TKN (Dennis)
Dam: CH Sagewood The Perfect Storm CD RE (Willow)

Thank you for your interest in a Sagewood Toller.

At this point, the 2024 litter is spoken for. We are happy to refer you to another reputable breeder.


Please note - *If you have found a Toller breeder, with puppies available, who will deliver to your front door, who will not share pedigrees or health clearances, please be concerned and reconsider your purchase.

In addition, any breed of dog combined with a poodle is a mix. People who purposely breed mixed breed puppies of any combination have no interest in the integrity of a pedigree, health clearances or an ethical breeder responsibility. 

Please consider purebred rescue organizations (associated with the national breed clubs) or shelter rescues over designer breeds.

AND - be aware of scammers!
No reputable breeder has puppies "ready to go", do not send money or gift cards!

If you are meeting and interviewing Toller breeders, here are some questions to begin with.

Is the breeder a member of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA) or Canada?
Reputable breeders value their membership and actively participate and support many areas of the national club experience.

Are both parents AKC registered?
There really isn't any reason to breed unregistered dogs. There is no integrity of pedigree and literally no value.
Through AKC registration, a pedigree can be tracked and health clearances can be attached to it.

Have the parents completed their championships or titled in any events?
If not, why? 

Can the breeder provide proof of health certifications for both parents including:
OFA hips? OFA cardiac? OFA thyroid and CERF/OFA eyes?

Have both parents been DNA tested for hereditary diseases specific to the Toller?
Without this information, if both parents are carriers for any condition, the litter could have affected puppies.

Does the breeder sell puppies with a contract and what does that entail?
Are the puppies registered with the AKC and microchipped before leaving the breeder?
Does the breeder require a puppy kindergarten class and at least 1 level of basic obedience class? 

Some questions the breeder may ask you:
Is your yard fenced?
Do you have other dogs?
Have you met a Toller? Who’s?
What are you looking for in a Toller? Companion? Show dog? Breeding? Dog sport?
Can you provide references?