It started out as a challenge to find an outgoing Chihuahua for a professional production of Legally Blonde, The Musical.  My first thought was of course to contact Chihuahua Rescue; however dogs in rescue are generally in such a position because they have various issues that would eliminate them from being the best candidate for crowds and high level training.

After training and showing dogs for 25 yrs, I wanted a smart, sound dog. One who could be trained to do more than just ride around on stage in a pink purse, with a personality to handle crowds!
I connected with a few breeders, met a few puppies… nothing struck me as being what I was looking for.

Finally I connected with an AKC Breeder of Merit; Chihuahua trainer/exhibitor Sylvia Mattson of Calmont Chihuahuas in Montana. She had a champion pointed female who she felt could do the job... and do it well.

“Justeen” arrived July 2011 and we haven’t looked back. We immediately began bonding and learning from each other. Training began as a game and has evolved into a more complex relationship. She became a member of Bark River Therapy Dog team, made regular visits to senior residences as well local libraries as part of a READ program.

While we prepped for the stage, she was exposed to various situations, people, noises. She accepted it all.

Opening for Legally Blonde, The Musical was May 10, 2012 and it closed July 1, 2012. It was a phenomenal show with an incredibly gifted cast and equally talented crew.

Justeen didn’t have long to rest on the laurels of her theatrical achievements… as obedience classes began immediately in July! 

She is now retired from all competitions and enjoys everything soft and warm.

AKC/UKC Ch ptd URO2 UAGII Calmont's Soul And Inspiration